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GuiGenie – My Choice for Swing UI Design

September 2, 2010 4 comments

I have been doing desktop application development with the Swing Framework for over six years. In those six years, my focus has always been to develop applications that are rich in functionalities and with nice looking GUIs.

NetBeans, Eclipse, JCreator, JBuilder et al are all wonderful IDEs in fact; I love NetBeans. I use NetBeans for almost all my web projects because it makes all the processes from development to deployment as easy as it can get. Thanks to my friends Segun and Tope for helping me find my way around the IDE.

As much as I enjoy using NetBeans for web applications development, it’s the opposite for desktop development. Reasons? Well I will discuss that in later posts reasons why I prefer GuiGenie in designing my user interfaces.


Developed by Mario Awad, GuiGenie is a Java Gui builder that is light (less than 400KB) and very easy to use. It’s free too and lets you create Guis in minutes. Plus it has a very simple UI,

GuiGenie Screen

The Code View

GuiGenie Code View

Some Of My Works With The Genie

FRO (Fund Release Order) For The Federal Government



JStore – Fixed Asset Management Solution

JStore Main Screen

New Supply

CareWare – Hospital Management Solution

Careware Screen

JInventory – Accounts Receivables System

JInventory Screen

Customer Screen

JEmployee – Payroll, HR, Electronic Filing and Pension Management Solutio

JEmployee - Payroll, HR, Electronic Filing and Pension Management Solution

JEmployee Salay Screen

Electronic Filing Screen

Quiet Office – Intranet Collaboration App

Electronic Filing Screen


Looking at the screen shots of my apps, you will discover that most of the components used are not found in GuiGenie (refer the GuiGenie screen shot above). This of course is a limitation of the builder and if Mario releases the source code hopefully, I will include those components like Tables, Trees and some custom components I developed.

The trick is to replace your intending component with either a list or a JTextArea. Place the JTextArea in the exact width, height and location you wish to place your table, tree etc. When you are done, generate your source code and edit the generated code to suit your requirements. Copy and paste the code wherever you desire or in any other IDE of your choice or Notepad. Code your event listeners and viola!!!. . .Your application is ready.

So I am using this opportunity to reach out to Mario to release the source code so that I and other users of GuiGenie can contribute to its development. At least we have all in one way or the other benefited from using the builder, it’s time to contribute. . .
Wow. . It’s already half past 2 am here in Addis Ababa. . .time to go sleep. . Oh. . We are in the last 10 days of Ramadan fast so I better observe some prayers before going to bed . . . that’s after a cup of hot Cappuccino. . .lol

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Mr Head Of State

September 1, 2010 10 comments

Head Of State

Mr head of state…/
Seems ubothenred about our current state../
All he is concerned about is stating his case…/
To faceless men and women who got him to his place…/

Now we are left in a state of despair and shock…/
No one to respond to our clarion call…/
Looking through my window and listening to the tick of the clock../
I ask. . /
When will change come?…/
Oh. . .change will be here next year. . ./
When Mr head of state restates his case to the poor we O yeah…/
About How he will mend our broken hearts…/
How he will fix the bad roads. . .roads that have murdered dreams and buried corpses…/
And we still counting our losses…/
His Face beaming with smile like a man promised the woman of his dreams…/
Sound of his voice makes me want to scream…/

His faceless fathers and mothers promised Power to the people…/
Promises fufilled by making our economy cripple…/
One achievement, adding the word ZONING to our political dictionary…/
And of course he is an in infinite loop of greed…/
Lets pray heaven send someone to this land, fast losing its green…/

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