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AUYVC Training – My Presentation

I’m in Nigeria on official assignment (Obudu Ranch in Cross Rivers State). . .Yippppeeeee!!!!. . . I love official assignments, especially when its to Nigeria for no other reason than to hook up with family and friends.

AUYVC is an acronym for African Union Volunteer Corps. Its a continental development effort that aims at giving opportunities to work/volunteer in another African country other than theirs. Last year March, I was invited by the African Union Commission to join the planning team that conceptualized the entire program. The team was made up of young people from other African countries. Asides the fun, it was a good opportunity for me to share experiences with other young people from across the continent. Its an experience I will never forget. This program is the reason I have job. . .:)

One traveling infested, memo writing, rigorous planning year ago, the program was conceptualized and now we have moved from concept to action. The program was launched in Abuja on Dec. 4th 2010 and now, the training for the first batch of volunteers to be deployed is ongoing.


Its day 5 today and I had my session yesterday titles INFORMATION SEARCH ANALYSIS SKILLS. Its aimed at teaching the participants how best to use internet search engines when conducting a research work. How to save time and select only contents that are trusted. You can download my slides here

It was fun and the feedbacks I got from the participants is really encouraging.

I ended the day with a soccer match with some of the participants and resource persons. . .Now my back aches seriously. . .

Download the slides here and don’t forget to leave your comments

  1. December 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I remember the first lines of your post when you posted them on Facebook! This is great that you are doing for the African Youth and lets keep the fire burning so we can involve more and more youth!!!
    Pass my regards to the whole team.

  2. December 10, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Yea Grace…I’m so happy to be involved, I hope you will respond if we need you anytime to assist on the project.

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