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Love Trapped in Hate

Remember when our Relationship was like the game of Tennis/

When love meant nothing
When every hello or hi said was enough
When I never cared if you had a cold or cough
And when you were so comfortable calling the bluff

Remember the days you will pass me by like you never cared/
And I would bow down my head in fear rubbing my beard/
Praying upon the moon/
Wishing upon the stars/
That the lord will reveal to me the contents of your heart/

Remember the first time we stared at each other for two seconds/
And for a second/
My soul absconded from my flesh/
For the other second that felt like a year/
It was surreal and yet so real
Speechless we were but we communicated
The pupils in our eyes clicked, like a square peg in a square hole
The break beats of our hearts in sync…
At that point. . .
We were like a thief caught in the act with gun pointed to his forehead
We knew we had to give it up
I lacked words
You lacked expressions. . .
But I struggled with every muscle in hands, in my heart…
Every breadth in my being
To murmur the simplest and the most powerful words I could find
“Odeshalau Yene Konjo”
We knew We were in love.

Do I need to explain the pains I went through
Or the ones that you went through. . .
Seeing our worlds in ourselves like a see-through
But chose to wear dark ray-bans to shade it away. . .which wasnt cool

Do I need to tell the world how free we now feel
Knowing I’m the melody, and you are the beat that moves me
And every day I night I pray
That the fruit of your womb will be sweeter than oranges
I have packed all my belongings and deserted the state of shock/
The state of fear
To the state where you reside
And forever,
I’ll be by your side.

Again, before I close
I’ll love to propose/
A toast/
To my black goddess
My GI-Joe in times of emotional tsunamis
My blanket in times of cold
My friend
My sister
My everything. . .
From this day to the time when there will be no more days
From this night to the nights you will be guarded by black knights
The flame of our love will burn. . .
I’ll fuel the fire.

Odeshalau Yene Konjo – Means I love You in Ahmaric Language

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