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Reality of Illusion

March 30, 2014 Leave a comment

A samurai with two swords
A poet with mean words
A prisoner with freedom thoughts
A King and his subjects
A queen and her maidens
A student of knowledge
A pregnant nun
All searching for the reality beyond time and space

Have you ever wondered why Oliver asked for more?
Or why you are never satisfied with the iPhone you just bought?
Have we ever questioned the illusion we discard and the reality we believe?
Like separating wanted and unwanted elements with a sieve…

For all that we desire to have
Or aspire to be
Illusion they are
And Illusion they shall be

Picture this.
A child is born amidst blood and tears
Not knowing how to express his fears
Of leaving a world where he never heard swears
Or lacked care
To a world where not caring is the norm
And swearing means “keeping it real”

But as he grows,
We teach him to always want more and be on his toes
So right from birth . . .
He’s on a mission to find a reality not his own
He’s thought to search for a life that is perfect
Forgetting that nothing on earth exists without its defects/
So when it looks gloomy, he thinks of himself as a reject

In the quest to find lasting happiness
We should be our own empire and create our own realities
Based on the guidance of God and his messengers
Cos everything we think we own
We don’t.
And if you do not believe me
Witness a burial and tell me how many of a corpse children or wealth
Were buried with him

Life is not real

Its all illusion

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