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I’ve Been There…!

June 25, 2014 Leave a comment

I see you with hands in chin/

In thoughts deeper than wells of Beijing/

I see you constantly run your fingers through your hair,

like you now live in a world whose problems you no longer can bear/

I hear you deep sighing/

Shaking your head and clapping your hands. . .well I know what you’re implying/

That you’ve been to hell and back/

Or that you feel betrayed and no one’s got your back/

Listen, I’ve been there. . .


You broke?

No cash to get the good things of life like your folks?

And your life pattern is depicted by worrying strokes?

You struggle so hard and life still seems to you like a joke. . .

I know that feeling of lost hope bro…

You not alone in this cos I’ve been there


Degrees, certificates and recommendation letters in piles/

Yet you’ve combed the city like a bushy hair and still no job in sight/

This is life doing you bad in different styles/

It’s frustrating right?

I know that feeling and…

I’ve been there

Have you been cheated, lied to or heart broken?

Or your heart grilled well done in a Black and Decker oven?

And you curse destiny for not changing its course/

When it was just a few seconds away/

Or a few seconds left for your heart to pause/

You wished you never met right?

I know that feeling too…cos..

I just left there. . .


Have you sometimes questioned why it had to be you/

That these horrible things are happening to/

Or that the forces of nature have ganged up against you/

Which sometimes leads you to think God isn’t true/
But I’m here to give you tidings of hope/

That you should keep calm and let God probe/

And that reminds me of a passage and I quote/

“That no man have we placed a burden on, other than he can carry”

End quote/


So know/

That just as no leaf falls from a tree without knowledge from above/

So is God aware every time you are in a hole/

Hold on tight to his rope

And he will play his role/

No matter how long it takes

Or how much has passed you by/

Something or someone better is being prepared somewhere/

Patience costs nothing my friend

Let God be your strength

Cos, only in him do hearts find rest.

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