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The Challenge

August 23, 2014 Leave a comment

In as much as I detest Candy Crush requests I will accept. . .

You sending me a challenge of the ice bucket
Makes me wonder if you not suffering from
Fracture of the eye socket/
The truth is, from the on set,
I knew you would stray from the main goal
The moment i heard you talk trash on set/

Celeberties in Europe and America came together for a cause/
To raise funds and awareness about the ALS curse/
Which till date has generated attention from those who matter. .
and from the civil and privy purse/

Truth is, thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge..
I am now more knowledgeable about the deadly ALS disease
Which halts the sufferers nerve cells..
And triggers a slow and unstoppable paralysis. . .
Its over 70 years since Lou Gehrig drew attention on our hearts
Not with a paint brush but with his words
And days have turned to nights. . nights have turned to days
And still we have no cure. .

Anyway, thanks to
Gates/ (Bill)
Son of a Bush, (George)
Jordan, (Micheal)
Dre (Dr)
Sheen (Charlie)
Mubarak (Obama)
Shaw (Tim)
Et al
for the awareness
Now I’m ignorant no more…

My darling African celeberities. . .
Ebola in Nigeria, Siere Leone, Guinea and Liberia
Malaria killing kids in the Congo/
Starvation in the horn of that land you call “Mother”
Drought and hunger in Somalia
Poaching and killing of your wild life in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Dear African musicians, rappers, poets, artistes, politicians, actors and actresses. . .

Listen to this facts about Malaria. . .
627, 000 people die from malaria each year, mostly children younger than five years old/
There are an estimated 207 million cases of malaria each year/
Of the 109 countries affected by Malaria in the world, A whooping 45 are African countries
90% of all Malaria deaths occur in Sub Saharan Africa
There are an estimated 207 million cases of malaria each year/

If these facts do not challenge you,
Then do not call Africa mother. .
If these facts do not spur you to action
Cease calling Africa home. . .
If these facts do not challenge you. . .
Stop quoting the holy books. .
If these facts do not challenge you. .
Then pour that ice on your Afro or On your wigs
This is not a poem to make you double blink,
It’s to make you think.
I await your challenge.

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