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Jos Crisis – My Thoughts

August 27, 2010 8 comments


First of all, I feel sorry for the families of those who have lost loved ones during this crisis. No human life is superior to the other and no religion orders the killing of innocents.

I think the way our media is reporting this sad events is not helping matters. The crisis is not a religions one The Fulanis didnt attack the people of Berom because they are not muslims. They didnt way they wanted to Islam there. The reason they attacked them is clear to everyone and their spokesperson even said it to the media that they are retaliating for their over 20,000 cattles killed by the Berom people. Now whether that is a silly or valid reason, i dont care now cos thats a discussion for another day.

My problem is that we are doing ourselves alot of harm by potraying this as a religious crisis and i blame the media for that. Why cant the fulanis be attacked as a tribe. . .? Why must it be ISLAM that will come up anytime the hausas or the fulanis are in crisis. . when the underlying cause of the whole wahala is not anywhere near religion. . .?

The effect of this is that non muslims who are not logical in their thinking or have no access to the real news start to have “unnessecary” reservations for the faith called ISLAM. Hatred for muslims, their beliefs, etc will loom in their minds. Instead of hating the real perpetrators of the evil acts, they begin to hate those in the same faith with them. . .Its sad. . .!

Nigeria is becoming something else. . .it seems we are all tired of the Lord lugard’s architectural work and want to draw our own. Even though I have never been a supporter of that belief, a part of my brain does. . .!


I blame the FG. . .I know it might sound weired but its the FG i blame. . . They cannot tell Nigerians that there were no security reports before all these attacks. . .DOnt we have trained experts who conduct due diligence and security investigations into stuffs like this? RIght from the first crisis, there should have been ears on the ground to checkmate further developments of underground preparations on both sides.

Nigeria is failing!!!!!


Sincerely i dont know. . .anyone with suggestions can come up with it but “oro ilu yi ti su mi”


Lets report events as they are. . .Call the Fulanis or Hausas when you need to and Call them Muslims when you need to. Attack their tribes and not their religion cos ISLAM CONDEMNS THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENTS AND NON COMBATANTS!!! I am a muslim and i just feel sad when i read in the dailies that muslims are killing people in Jos. .

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Mark My Word

August 27, 2010 1 comment

If you a programmer. . .Mark My Word.

I know Java even though I havent been to Indonesia.
The Java I know is not in Malaysia or anywhere near Asia.
The java I know was discovered in a Coffee shop and not the one hit by Tsunami and washed ashore .
I SWING alot and I enjoy it. . .Swinging back and forth with different frameworks, components and libraries. . .
And anytime you see me not SWINGing,
i’m either preparing some JavaBeans with netBeans for the Web thing. .
JSP as the sauce and some JavaScript thing. . .
I tell you, I’m the next big thing. .
Aand when i’m stressed out,
pushing pixels is what blows me out
Rather than coding in a languages with syntax like CIN and C-OUT
or better still get on java .NET and check posts out. . .
Shannon Hickey, Romain Guy, Krill are those who clear my doubts. . . lol

.Enough!!! let me say the truth now. . .I’m a Java Programmer. I Swing for breakfast, JSP/Java Beans for lunch and I starve for dinner. . .U can check out some of my works here. . .you will love ’em. . .Mark My Word. . .!

Ok lets talk Islam. . . I’m a muslim and i will die as one. Islam is the reason why i’m refered to as a book worm. Islam is the reason why I’m truthful and sometimes thought a fool. Islam is the reason for loving, caring, helping and tears shedding. Islam is the reason why i know Allah the creator, not Ilah the god of the Idolator. Islam is peace which encourages me to give my heart’s piece to those in need. . .I encourage u to study Islam and find out what it is that makes us proud. .

I’m in love with Poets and poetry. Amir Suleiman from USA and Sage Hasson from Nigeria being my favorrites. . .

hiphop in its originality is equal to Poetry. . . I listen to Nigerian hip hop acts like Modenine and Modenine and Modenine alone. He’s by far the only African rapper (after ProVerb of South Africa) that awakes the mental though process. . .

So here, we will be talking Programming, Islam, poetry and Hiphop. . .

Even if u have a memory of low ram, you will still mark my word. . .!