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An ODE To The Stubborn – Dr Hakim Elwaer

September 5, 2014 1 comment


There comes a time when flowers lose petals
A time when the sun makes way for the moon to reign
A time when babies become like those who birth them
A time for welcome smiles and goodbye hugs

Dr Hakim

The time has for you for us to pour out our hearts to you..
And you will hear nothing but the truth and Allah is my witness
No matter how scary a dream is… A child is not scared to tell it..
So be rest assured the person reciting this poem does so without any atom of fear

Dr Hakim

You have been the stubborn one…
Stubborn in refusing to be compromised…
In your quest for change and in modern day Africa… That’s strange

Dr Hakim

You’ve been faithful loyal to that land you call mother
And she’ll be grateful to you

Dr Hakim

You’ve been a role model to me and to every young person listening
You’ve proven that age is something and it’s just numbers

Dr Hakim

The students of pan African University in Cameroon will not forget you
Your efforts and strides shall not be written in pages of books alone
But in the hearts of Konary
Of Ping
Of Zuma
Of Ikounga
Of Ezin
Of Njenga
Of Agosou
Of Mahama
Of every living being listening to my words
And of UNECA

Dr Hakim

Kidist will miss you
Tsehay will miss you
Sammy will miss you

Dr Hakim

It’s sad to see you leave
But it was written long before we knew it

Dr Hakim

You were a friend… A brother…
We accept all your praises like a father expresses pride in his son
We accept your reprimands like a mother will deal with an erring child

Dr Hakim

We appreciate you
Rather than express sadness in your departure
We’ll dance to the songs our collective heart beats produce
We’ll celebrate you and your efforts..
Farewell our brother
Farewell our son
Farewell the stubborn one. . .

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Mark My Word

August 27, 2010 1 comment

If you a programmer. . .Mark My Word.

I know Java even though I havent been to Indonesia.
The Java I know is not in Malaysia or anywhere near Asia.
The java I know was discovered in a Coffee shop and not the one hit by Tsunami and washed ashore .
I SWING alot and I enjoy it. . .Swinging back and forth with different frameworks, components and libraries. . .
And anytime you see me not SWINGing,
i’m either preparing some JavaBeans with netBeans for the Web thing. .
JSP as the sauce and some JavaScript thing. . .
I tell you, I’m the next big thing. .
Aand when i’m stressed out,
pushing pixels is what blows me out
Rather than coding in a languages with syntax like CIN and C-OUT
or better still get on java .NET and check posts out. . .
Shannon Hickey, Romain Guy, Krill are those who clear my doubts. . . lol

.Enough!!! let me say the truth now. . .I’m a Java Programmer. I Swing for breakfast, JSP/Java Beans for lunch and I starve for dinner. . .U can check out some of my works here. . .you will love ’em. . .Mark My Word. . .!

Ok lets talk Islam. . . I’m a muslim and i will die as one. Islam is the reason why i’m refered to as a book worm. Islam is the reason why I’m truthful and sometimes thought a fool. Islam is the reason for loving, caring, helping and tears shedding. Islam is the reason why i know Allah the creator, not Ilah the god of the Idolator. Islam is peace which encourages me to give my heart’s piece to those in need. . .I encourage u to study Islam and find out what it is that makes us proud. .

I’m in love with Poets and poetry. Amir Suleiman from USA and Sage Hasson from Nigeria being my favorrites. . .

hiphop in its originality is equal to Poetry. . . I listen to Nigerian hip hop acts like Modenine and Modenine and Modenine alone. He’s by far the only African rapper (after ProVerb of South Africa) that awakes the mental though process. . .

So here, we will be talking Programming, Islam, poetry and Hiphop. . .

Even if u have a memory of low ram, you will still mark my word. . .!